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SKIN, Auckland Theatre Company, Next Big Thing

This spoken word/theatre hybrid show was extremely beautiful with each actor writing his or hers own poem and absolutely pouring their soul.

The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate

Here are a few cheeky snaps I took during production week,  have to say that I am pretty chuffed with how MR Fats fat suit turned out so amazing and so wide

Loves Labours Lost


Toi Whakaari’s graduation performance. I was a Co-Costume Supervisor With Sophie Tucker and with our fellow class mates we produced all the costumes

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The Red Balloon, Hawkins Youth Theatre Comapny

Hawkins Youth Theatre Company and their debut of The Red Balloon

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1000 Paper Cranes, based on a true story

Hawkins Youth Theatre Company is pleased to announce their annual production ‘One Thousand Paper Cranes’ by Abigail Docherty, based on the true story of Sadako Sasaki, a 12 year old girl who became an international symbol of resilience and peace. This was an extraordinary Production with a fabulous bunch of Actors aged 8-18










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Duffy Books in Homes touring New Zealand

2014 Project for The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation,
better known as Duffy Books in Homes

 Two groups of travelling actors journey from North Cape to Bluff bringing the message It’s Cool to Read and Cool to Achieve to tens of thousands of Duffy kids.

This year Duffy and his friend Rosie are excitedly awaiting a visit from Duffy’s famous, rugby league playing uncle, Bingo. They are taken aback however when they begin to learn that Bingo isn’t a big fan of books and maybe can’t read at all! With ideas from the audience and Duffy’s King of Colours book, the pair go on a journey to help Bingo learn the importance of reading and the benefits it can have for everyone, everywhere.

Together, Duffy and Rosie sing and stumble their way through to the realisation that everyone has a different favourite story and that each person’s story is just as awesome as the next.