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costume supervising + making

Charlie Baptist specialises in managing your costume needs from design to reality. Charlie will take your costume sketches of any style or period and create a bespoke production. With her broad experience in the costume industry you can trust her to keep both the production team and cast happy.

Costume Services

Costume Maker

Charlie’s main skill set is creating bespoke outfits that not only look like the design but are suitable to with-stand specific costuming requirements like vigorous wearing, movement flexibility and ease of maintenance. Experienced in period pattern interpretation, stretch wear and tailoring. Charlie has worked in many work rooms across the globe with The Hobbit Trilogy, BBC - Strictly Come Dancing and Cuban Ballet - Danza Acosta among others.


Coordinating the costumes for a production is very rewarding. Getting to working closely with costume designers to accurately realize their designs is a great task. In all cases, improvisation and creative problem solving are essential to staying on budget and meeting deadlines. You also need to be able to liaise with makers and the production team to keep everyone on schedule and create the best show possible.

Head of Wardrobe

Supporting makers in interpreting costume sketches and understanding the designer’s vision is a massive part of my role. Guiding the makers in fabric choices and best practice methods in producing unique garments efficiently.


There is something very satisfying working backstage to ensure the costume and the performer look their upmost best. Facilitating costume changes, set up dressing rooms, perform laundry and maintenance tasks with great understanding of care requirements.


From a photoshoot to a commercial sometimes you just need a bit of help to take a look to the next level.


From intricate alterations on couture gowns to firing out production runs of items.